Welcome to the Corfu Forum.

This is a community site. Although it is based in Corfu and is primarily about Corfu, it is intended for the entire international community seeking to address the needs of many people. It is free and freedom of speech is valued. That is not to say that anything goes!

Hopefully we will build up a comprehensive resource for a wide section of users, be they residents, non-residents, holiday makers and especially those who are considering holidaying in Corfu or Greece in general.

Greece needs visitors! You won’t be disappointed!

The Forum

It is anticipated that the forum will be the most used part of this site. In building the site we were faced with something of a dilemma. Should it merely take the form of a forum or could it possibly be something bigger. In the end, it was decided to create an entire site with a forum and build on it as the community made its wishes and aspirations known. If it appears sparse at the moment, don’t worry, we will expand it.

In the meantime please feel free to participate in the Corfu Forum. Be aware that although the site is moderated, you can expect a relaxed attitude towards posts. However, posts that contravene the terms and conditions will result in the appropriate action being taken.

Registering for the Forum Please Note Changes as of 4th February 2012

Registration on this site is free and will allow you access to areas from which you would otherwise be excluded. These areas will continue to be added periodically

Please be aware that registration on this site does not automatically allow access to the forum. If you wish to post on the forum, you must register there independently.

If you merely wish to access and post on the forum, you need only register there.

Please Note
Please be aware that although you will be required to register to post on the forum, registration is not otherwise required on the main site. (Ie. Don’t feel obliged to register on this page if you don’t want full access to this site!)

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