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Few Questions about the snakes
« on: January 20, 2019, 05:36:38 PM »
I and my family plan to visit Corfu in September 2019.
We are travelling with our dog. Before we've been to Zakynthos few times. This year we've chosen Corfu.
What makes me worried... are snakes, so I have few questions.

1. Is it common to meet a snake? Especially in north Corfu (east from Acharawi).
2. Is it common to meet a venomous snake? I am mostly worried about my dog, who wouldn't signal there's an animal near to her, as she's the one who loves all beings. In other words, when walking with her, should I look all around if there's no snake on our way or I can chill a bit?
3. In case she gets bitten by a snake... are vet clinics on Corfu prepared to save dog's life?
4. Are there vet clicnics that are open 24 hours?
5. What should I do, when my dog gets bitten by a venomous snake (especially the one that has a horn on its head) to save her life before reaching vet clinic? Is there some kind of medicine I should give her?
6. Is it more common to meet a sake in the day or in the evening?
7. What places should I avoid, especially with a dog? (besides of high grass)

If that's a wrong section to ask, I am really sorry. Thank you in advance for any tips and answers :)
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