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About 65 per cent of Corfu's land is under cultivation. Of this, 55 per cent is devoted to olive trees, of which there are an estimated 3.5 million.

The rest of the cultivated area is used for vineyards, citrus fruit, vegetables and grazing.

About one million tourists visit Corfu annually and an estimated third of Corfu's working population is involved in tourism and its related industries.

Corfu has a population of 110,000 approximately, of which about 35,000 live in Corfu Town.

Stevie,  8)

Thank you Steve for that information.  In Agios Georgios north where we stay on holiday there are huge areas of olive groves plus a flat bottomed valley with quite rich alluvial soil which grows good crops in small fields and smallholdings.  However for years I have been puzzled as to why there are always large areas of neglected land in the valley. One such field which I knew grew excellent potatoes and beans but is now overgrown. I presume it is when the work becomes too much for the elderly or infirm owners but it is family land which they won't give up.
It is a shame to waste what small area of good land there is.
I wonder if this year we will see more of these unused plots being used to 'dig for victory' as our parents in UK had to do in and after WW2 ?


Yes Dennis,

It is a fact that when the landowners get older they no longer have the strength to till the fields. A lack of modern day machinery means back breaking work.

The sons and daughters who are next in line to grow the crops have often got jobs in the Resorts or moved abroad to look for work.

When the older generation pass away the sons and daughters don't want to come back as they find it hard to make a living.

Maybe some of the wasted Millions of Euro money would have been better spent on Farming Machinery and cooperatives set up to create jobs.

In some cases the owners have emigrated and although they still own the land they have not visited for years.


Why don't they let the land to someone who can do the work and so utilise a scarce asset ?

Good idea Dennis,

But who would take it on, Greeks?

It needs a total mindset change in the way people on the Island think and are going to survive these very difficult times in Corfu.

Personally, I think that all Supermarkets in Corfu should be demanding local produce.

If there is demand then there is an opportunity.

Steve,  8)


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