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Menecrates Monument
« on: February 19, 2012, 10:41:47 PM »
Menecrate's Monument is in the Garitsa area on the borders of the cemetery of ancient Corfu, facing the gate of Alkinoos' port.

NOTE: It has now been moved to the Police Station at Garitsa ! 

It is a circular tomb, constructed in the 6th century BC . with an impressive archaic inscription, which is considered to be one of the most ancient inscriptions in Greece .
It's a burial monument , a cenotaph in honor of Menecrates, ambassador of Corfu to Oiantheia, a town near today's town of Galaxidi. According to the inscription, the people of the town, in recognition of his offer, created the monument. The inscription, written in Corinthian alphabet, dates approximately to 600 BC .

It is one of the most ancient saved Greek inscriptions, while the architecture of the cenotaph is chronologically set at 570/540 BC and there is only one similar monument at Lindos, Rhodes.

At the archaeological museum of Corfu there is also  a marble lion, the "Lion of Menecrates" , which owes this name  to the original impression that it laid on top of Menecrates cenotaph.

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