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The Prince, the Princess and the Perfect Murder
« on: April 19, 2013, 11:05:16 AM »
I just saw this on BBC1 the Author talking about it and also they are showing a story about it next Tuesday night 23rd April at 09.00 pm BBC2

The royal family's darkest secret and the establishment cover-up.

Never told before, this is the story of Edward, the Prince of Wales and future kind of England, the true love of his life, and the murder in London of an Arab playboy. It takes place in maisons de rendevous, luxurious chateaux in the French countryside providing hospitality for the British upper classes, the richest food, the finest wines and the most beautiful women, the violent and dangerous Paris demi-monde - where many of the women came from - and the Savoy hotel in London, where the murder was committed. This major royal scandal, superbly covered up by the Royal Household and the judiciary has remained secret ever since.

If you like reading Murder Stories or Stories about the Royal Family. 

When I looked on Amazon it was showing at 10.99 on Kindle and 12.80 Hardcover.

Came out on April 04th 2013

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