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Big momma little momma and curly tail
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:12:05 PM »
Big momma cat is the mother of little momma,one of mommas litter from last year!
Little momma now has a family  of four herself!
Curly tail suckled little momma last year and now has four kittens herself!

Big momma was in the family way again when we arrived,,,,a few days ago we discovered where she'd delivered her kittens,,,,,in part of our property two paces away from our front door!

I spotted her climbing through a wrought iron window grill on the door of the property,,,plus she left behind fur ,,,some squeeze!

Deciding to leave this door open for her as long as possible ,we didn't go inside ,but knew she had kittens in there,,,we could hear them meowing !

We didn't go and look ,if big momma knew we knew she would move them!

Yesterday,,Mr M took the plunge and took big momma breakfast in bed!
For the kittens he provide a litter tray full of sand!

Big momma must trust us with her babies ,as now ,she comes out of her hiding place ,two paces across the path in human paces and comes into our kitchen to be fed!

Curly tail and little momma smell the food ,before we know it we have three cats on the doorstep dining!
Curly tail is a bit of a hazard for me,,,,she escorts me down the hill,her curly tail wrapping around my crutches and legs,,,aww you might think!
It's only cupboard love ,,,she knows I have scraps in my bag from dining out,,,she can hear the grass growing as is always first of the scene!

As far as we know big momma has only two kittens,,I hope!

When I go into the mini market in the village,, I'm asked , do you want cat or dog food today  ;)
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