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Here goes ! Part four !!!
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:55:02 AM »
Time was getting on ,,the car would have to be moved soon!
Just as Mr M was about to leave me and the scooter to our own devices my name was called !
Out of the entrance door ,met at the tea machine by the anaesthetist,,,I stopped the scooter ,took the key out of the lock intending to walk to her office!
No need !
There and then she told me all was well,I was low risk and no need to go into her office!
Mr M left at that point,,,,,
I asked this lady if she would be my anaesthetist,,,her reply was no!
I avoid orthopaedics if I can!
Why's that ? Too much noise from saws?
No ! It's the surgeons I don't like !!
Ohhh whys that?
They're mostly rugby type men!
Big and brash ! And quite sexist !!!
She then asked me the name of my surgeon ,,when I told her ,her mood changed!
Oh he's lovely!
A personal friend!
A great surgeon!
Youll be in good hands!

On the move again to the lift,,,,,the key decided it didn't want to go into the ignition,I tried and tried ,turned  it around in case I was putting it in the wrong way,,,nope!
The anaesthetist then tried several times,,no joy for her either!
I tried again,,,I was starting to think the scooter was staying in the hospital,until she tried again!
Success at last,,,the key went into the ignition,,she admitted it was pure luck on her part!

I drove towards a set of lifts,,,no one getting in!
I should be OK as only going down one floor!
As the empty lift arrived five women decided to join me,,they let me in first,they then followed ,they were going up and and intended to go down a floor with me and then take the lift up to their floor!

Getting agitated thinking about my exit from the lift,hoping they'de get out first and hold the lift button??
My position of the scooter wasn't good!
Neither was these women's position!
The lift stopped!
The women one and two either side of me!two infront of me!
I started to reverse out!
But ! Kept hitting the right hand side of the lift !
The women shuffled out of my way,,but made matters worse!
One woman told me to turn the wheels one way,thinking she was a motorist I did as she suggested!
Not a lot of help as the scooter was trying to go full circle,,more shuffling about,ten feet moving in different directions!
I shuffled backwards and forwards !!
Until one of the women asked me to try a three point turn!
If looks could kill her she'd be dead!

Trying to keep calm,but sweating buckets  with thick jacket ,scarf tied around my neck,polo neck jumper and bag slung over my shoulder,,,I had to try again and again!

Then out of nowhere two arms came over my shoulder!
The hands turned the wheels!
Gently pressed the throttle!
I was reversing out of the lift !
The women in the lift clapped and cheered!
Once outside a man passed me and entered  the lift,,,!
Where those your hands that rescued me?
He didn't say a word but only smiled !
I thanked him and went on my way!

Once outside and into the fresh air I realised I'de gotten into the wrong lift!
Hence the exit point was a long way from the main entrance!
No more lifts for me today!!
It was blowing a gale!
Rain and sleet!
I drove up a path the width of an oblong paving slab,,then came to a short flight of concrete steps!
I had to turn around and drive through the hospital !
A young nurse was coming towards me from the zebra crossing,,she told me I'de have to turn around and go through the hospital!
I looked over my shoulder to see what was behind me,,,a huge yellow sand and grit box!
The nurse must have read my face,,,without making a song and dance about it,she said ,you press gently and I'll position and steer for you!!
I'de never been so relieved in my life!
Safely into the hospital it was plain sailing from there on!
She walked along side of me chatting away,,,,she'd started off teaching,but then changed her mind and wanted to train as a nurse,,she had two more years to go before she qualified ,her name was Vicky and she as twenty two!

As we approached the revolving doors Vicky went on her way,,me I went through the revolving doors and onto the pavement!
MR M was waiting for me in a line of waiting private hire taxis!

Hazard lights on while he took the scooter to bits to fit it into the boot!
I'de gotten into the passenger seat by this time!
Ready to go home!

He then asked what took me so long?
I knew if I relayed my story his eyes would roll!
There would be a certain tone of frustration in his voice!
I was correct!

The scooter is now fully assembled in the porch!
Ready to bring it into the kitchen to practice on!
The dogs water dish has been knocked over!
Three dishes of dog food needed clearing up off the floor!
These items are to tell me I've driven far enough and I either have to start turning the scooter wheels or stop!!

I relayed the hospital events to my sister when she visited,,,she couldn't stop laughing!
Went onto ask if I could reverse a car ,do a three point turn?
Yes I have no problem!!!

A friend phoned to ask how my pre op had gone,,I told her the abridged version of events!
She made me feel much better as she too uses a mobility scooter !

She admired me for even using it in the hospital.
She never goes into shops supermarkets ,never mind lifts and waiting rooms!
She only uses hers in outside spaces,does her shopping online!

Aargh ye I said but your not married to my Den !!

The end !
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Re: Here goes ! Part four !!!
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2016, 06:29:50 PM »
Good grief Maggy! 'War and Peace' has nothing on you! ;D
Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall.
- Anon.

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Re: Here goes ! Part four !!!
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2016, 09:50:40 PM »
Our daughter drove the scooter around the obstacle course in the kitchen today,,first time on it!
Now I thinks she drives a car like a man,,meaning she's not a wimp,a bold driver and drives all over the country no problem!
At first she made the same mistakes that I was making,,,she reversed into the cooker ,fridge and cupboards!
Even she was looking for a brake and didn't realise the brake worked when taking your hand off  the throttle lever!
After ten minutes of practise she was perfect!!

I had an hours tuition off her in the kitchen,,,,discovered the right hand lever makes the scooter go forward,the left hand lever puts it into reverse !
I must put the full lock on the wheels before gently pressing the levers to move forward or go backwards!
Not perfect yet ,but getting there!

Slowly slowly does it   :-[
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