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Here goes ,,,part two!!
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:59:15 AM »
Refreshments gone,,we sat and waited outside of the next door ,surely this manoeuvre would be easier!
My name called once again!
Correct door and no casualties!
 I remembered the nurse from last year,,her name was Kadie and she came from Sierra Leone!
Of course she didn't remember me too many patients had gone under the bridge,,she might have remembered if I'de have had my mobility scooter then!
Anyway we got to chatting like one does !

She lived in Liverpool with her husband ,three children and her mother!
How she longed to holiday in Sierra Leone ,,to show her children her culture etc!
But her children wanted to go back to Portugal !
I asked the name of the school her children went to!
As soon as I heard the name I knew it was a private fee paying school!
Their ages ,,they were all thirteen!
They were triplets!!!
Wow you husband must be really virile!!'
She couldn't control her laughter,,,but then she shared her IVF treatment with us!
I've started so I'll finish,,,what does your husband do for a job??
He's a scientist! A doctor of research !!! Wow !!!!

 Kadies  turn to ask the questions now,,,,,,she asked what I'de done to my arm!
When I looked down,,my top was covered in blood!
The blood was trickling down towards my wrist!
I've had my bloods taken I replied!
Up came my sleeve,,the dressing still in place ,but saturated with blood!
Kadie started to clean me up!
She called to the hip nurse who had taken my blood,she came to help!
I was told off nicely for putting my arm straight,,,I was not given any instructions about my arm!
I replied ,,well how do I use crutches without straightening my arm!
All done  and no harm done!
Kadie continued with her her questions and a quick examination,,nearly done!
Time for some more chat,then onto the next person,,,the tea boy !!!
Going over my phone number and address ,,,Kadie said emphatically ,,do you live in R--------- drive ??
Yes I replied!
I live in M------------ close!
Her close is off our road !
She'd lived there for six years

Well that was it more chat!
Small world!
She never passed our house as she went on a different route to get the train to work and the children's dad drove them to school!
She then went onto name her neighbours,some I recognised others I didn't!
It's amazing what you learn if you engage in chat!
A small world!
We had the same GP ,,.but liked the one who'd retired recently the best!
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