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Me,,,,Her Christmas Angel !
« on: December 22, 2015, 11:54:50 AM »
We managed to get to Morrisons yesterday in between showers,,,it was quite warm except for the wind chill,,very gusty at times.

After my scooter was unloaded from the car boot I went into the store alone while Mr M went to get a shopping trolley,he would catch me up !
The automatic doors remained open,not sure if faulty or didn't close because of the amount of customers going through them :-\

As I entered the shop,I noticed a 20 note on the floor!
By the time I'd have gotten out of the scooter it would have been blown further into to store!
I managed to stop the scooter placing one wheel on the 20 note,,,,looking around for help,I asked a young boy to pick it up for me,this he gladly did !

I placed the note into my jacket pocket along with my shopping list,,,my first thoughts were mmmm thank you very much  :)
As I made my way through shoppers ,prams ,Zimmer frames and shopping trolleys ,I started to think about my find!
A poor pensioner might have lost it!
A young person sent on an errand for his mum may have dropped it!
Guilt over came me and I decided to hand the 20 note into customer services on my way out!
Feeling better for making that decision ,I tootled off,found the things I wanted to buy,parked up in an aisle that had room in it and waited for Mr M to find me , with the shopping trolley !

Once reunited,I told him about my find!
Aww I hope your going to hand it in at customer services he said!
It might belong to some really needy person who can't afford to lose it!

Of course I am!

I'll hand it in before leaving the shop ,,,,now let's get this small but mammoth shopping expedition over with and get out of this shop,,it feels as if the world is in here,I said!

Separated once more,,I think by the fresh cream chiller or was it the sprouts or cheeses :-\
I hung around once more getting in everyone's way,Mr M eventually found me once again!

He said ,apart from telling me I was like the Scarlett pimpernel !
That he thought  he'd  found the owner of the 20 note!

While searching for me he'd passed a customer at the customer service desk making enquiries about a 20 note!
That we should go and find her ,,now!
It seemed to take forever getting to the desk,,the customer was still there,looking very distressed!

Excuse me have you lost anything I asked her!
Yes she replied ,,,a 20 note!!
Here you go I think this belongs to you!

The look of pure relief on her face was a joy to see!
She even had tears in her eyes ,,,and kept putting her hand over her mouth to hold back the sound of sobs in her voice!

Once a bit more composed she went on to tell us how she'd managed to get separated from her money.

It was the wind!

She had just gotten 100 from the ATM machine in the car park,,while checking her paper receipt and her bank balance,a gust of wind blew her money out of her hand and blown it away!
She went onto say that a man had helped her to get some of it from under parked cars!

That she had tried to remember the direction her notes had been blown in,but ,was that upset and exhausted running after her money she couldn't remember the direction of the missing note!
I explained how I'd come to find it.

Yes she said ,I had a  feeling it may have been in the entrance of Morrisons,that's the reason I was asking at customer services.

The woman couldn't thank me enough,,I told her if my hubby and I had not been separated ,he would not have overheard her asking at the desk!
So it was he who needed the thanks and not me!

With tears once more in her eyes and a wibbly voice ,she told me I was her Christmas angel,gave us both a hug and thanked us once again!!

My reply jokingly was,,buy a bloody purse  :)

On our way once more to do our little shop,,,,I strange feeling came over me!
I think I would call it a feeling of joy!

The joy of reuniting the lady with her money was of great joy to me,,it was the best feeling I'd had for a long time!
Finding the 20 note ,finding its owner was a better feeling than finding it and keeping it myself!

Merry Christmas  :)

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Re: Me,,,,Her Christmas Angel !
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2015, 12:51:17 PM »
Well Maggy, the spirit of Christmas lives on ... in Liverpool at least! A happy story!

Merry Christmas!
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- Anon.

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Re: Me,,,,Her Christmas Angel !
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2015, 04:52:27 PM »
Well Maggy, the spirit of Christmas lives on ... in Liverpool at least! A happy story!

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the reply Bob,,,your a gent  :-*


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