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General Discussion / Re: Wimbledon
« Last post by Red1 on Today at 01:11:58 PM »
I think Wynne is right when he said if you have played the sport it makes a difference, But I used to find cricket absolutely boring and hated it (partly because it interrupted my footie), but now (old age) I quite enjoy it and I never played anything other than "lamppost cricket". Snooker is now my pet hate, yet I played and loved to watch it at one time. What I don't like about the tennis is the awful English crowd bias and down right rudeness towards the opponents. 
General Discussion / Re: Football 2021/22
« Last post by Red1 on Today at 12:39:21 PM »
Seems to me we are moving to a new level if the top teams are building what is in effect two first class teams with the second string being able to beat most of the also ran teams! But I really don't see Spurs as having the money to do so? Just wonder how long it can go on before these rich boys get bored and pull the plug on the EPL.
General Discussion / Re: Wimbledon
« Last post by Bob on Today at 10:21:37 AM »
Yawn! If I was a dormouse, I would hibernate for the Wimbledon two weeks! Each to their own. ;D
General Discussion / Re: Postal Services
« Last post by Bob on Today at 10:18:23 AM »

I have two cameras being posted from Latvia tomorrow. I won't hold my breath! ;D

The two cameras arrived fine. I now have two parcels en route from Czech Republic and going on past experience, I don't anticipate any issues. That's probably put the kiss of death on them! ;D One is coming by normal post and the other by ACS Courier who I have never had an issue with.
General Discussion / Re: Visas to travel to Greece?
« Last post by Bob on Today at 10:08:50 AM »

Did the UK passport control stamp your passport on entry to the UK?

I ask because if their systems are connected, the fact that you have arrived from Greece and your passport is not stamped, they should realise that you have Greek residency. If they do, this could well have implications for such things as Banking in the UK and access to UK healthcare.
General Discussion / Re: Visas to travel to Greece?
« Last post by Bob on Today at 10:02:49 AM »
How do they know you are resident JR?

Because you show your residence permit and as JRK says, no stamp in your passport is a giveaway!
General Discussion / Re: Football 2021/22
« Last post by Coys on July 05, 2022, 11:15:18 PM »
Red1, I think it's a good signing along with perisic and along with bissouma and hopefully djed Spence we shall be pretty feared going forward.  Thoughts of a top 3 of son,kulasevski and Richardson up front with kane sat in behind and bissouma behind him bring us hope,  however    defence? If we can keep dier and romero fit we have a chance,  if not back to the 90's philosophy of you can score 3 but we will score 5. Think arsenal ( hopefully  ) and man u might struggle next year and chelsea leaving us to to fight the liver birds and man city ,but think those 2 are still ahead at the moment   but hay we can always dream .
General Discussion / "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3"
« Last post by Trisa on July 05, 2022, 04:48:18 PM »
Shooting of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" begins in Corfu today.

Cameras and crews start work today on Nia Vardalos' "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3". After one and a half years of preparations, filming started in Athens (20-30 June) and is now being followed by filming in Corfu from 5 July until 3 August.

Actor, director, scriptwriter and producer Nia Vardalos has already started posting photos of herself and colleagues from the island.

Choice of locations

Corfu became involved following the visits of Nia Vardalos and other members of the team after Easter. Meetings were held at the Corfu Imperial with local teams - cast and location managers, assistants etc. - and visits were paid to potential filming locations.

This continued throughout May, with visits to Vistonas (Enotis Olive Groves & Oil, Konstantis family - see photo above), Ag. Mathaios (The Governor's Olive Mill, Dafnis Brothers), Varipatades, Sokraki and, of course, the classic Boua Village in Danilia.

There has been tremendous interest from locals - professionals and ambitious extras - and it is estimated that over 500 people are needed.

The stars and the secrets

All the basic cast from the first two films will take part, apart from 'Gus': Nia Vardalos (Toula Portokalos), John Corbett (Ian Miller), Andrea Martin (Aunt Voula), Lainie Kazan (Maria Portokalos), Elena Kambouris (Paris Miller), Louis Mandylor (Nick Portokalos) etc.

There have been no script leaks so far (it is still unknown whether the island will be referred to as 'Corfu') with one exception - Nia Vardalos made it clear that Toula and Ian haven't become grandparents. There will be a wedding, however...
Municipality of Central Corfu: The COVID-19 epidemic presented a sharp and large outbreak in the second fortnight of June in Corfu.

With its announcement, the Municipality of Central Corfu on the outbreak of covid on the island emphasizes the following:

The COVID-19 epidemic presented a sharp and large outbreak in the second fortnight of June in Corfu. This development is registered throughout the country, but it is much more intense in the island country and the tourist areas. Corfu is one of the areas with the greatest outbreak of cases, which exceeded in frequency even the levels recorded in the winter during the peak of the epidemic wave of the Omicron strain.

The new epidemic wave has appeared in many European countries and is due to newer and highly transmissible variants of the Omicron strain (BA.4 and BA.5). The increased mobility of the summer and the great laxity in the application of preventive measures seem to create the conditions for the explosive spread of the new strains.

The new major outbreak follows a period of continuous gradual decline in the epidemic, which began in late winter and lasted until early summer, when the number of cases and hospitalizations had fallen to low levels. High vaccination coverage rates and the large number of people who had been in contact with the virus created significant levels of immunity, which limited the transmission of the virus, and kept hospitalizations and deaths low. However, the prevalence of new variants of the Omicron strain, which are highly contagious and overcome the previous immunity wall, quickly reversed the situation and a new epidemic wave is already in full swing.

It is still too early to understand the characteristics of this new epidemic wave and attempt to predict its evolution. So far, locally, it has been characterized by a sharp and very large increase in cases, which has led to a corresponding sharp increase in hospitalizations. For now, no significant number of serious incidents and deaths have been recorded, but the wide spread of the virus is expected to lead to an increase in the next period.

The wide spread of the virus makes it necessary to protect people who belong to high-risk groups. The third and fourth booster doses significantly enhance the protection of these individuals from severe disease. Even if they do contract the virus, due to its very wide spread and the ability of new variants to overcome immunity, those who have had the booster doses are largely protected from severe disease and usually only get through a mild cold. Very important for the protection of vulnerable groups is also the avoidance of overcrowding, as well as the systematic use of masks in closed spaces, despite the abolition of the obligation in many of them.

The sudden appearance of the new strong epidemic wave reminds us that it is not possible to predict the course of the pandemic. The very high transmissibility of the new variants of the Omicron strain and their ability to infect people who have been vaccinated or sick, as well as the great relaxation of the application of precautionary measures, has led to the unpredictable outbreak recorded in recent weeks. It is thus confirmed that complacency, which prevailed once again, is unfounded.

So far there are no signs of stabilization of the new epidemic wave and its intensity continues to increase. Continuous monitoring of the epidemic remains necessary, and it is critical to return as many citizens as possible to the implementation of preventive measures, as well as to carry out the third and fourth booster doses to those who are over 60 years old or belong to a high-risk group.

General Discussion / Re: Wimbledon
« Last post by Red1 on July 02, 2022, 11:35:41 PM »
Well done Kyrgios, top brat!
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