Relocation to Corfu

Relocating in a foreign country requires a degree of commitment if you are to do it properly. If you are considering such a move and make enquiries you will receive a vast array of advice. Some will be good advice, some not so good. Sadly there are a number of people who believe that living in a foreign country means that they are anonymous and can get away with all manner of deviousness. Think about how you feel about those foreigners in your own country when they act in this manner.

We cannot offer advice about relocating to any other country than Greece and then this advice should only be taken as applying to Corfu. It should not alter that much between other areas of Greece but we cannot offer any guarantees!

The subjects included here are those that are most regularly asked by people wishing to do things ‘properly’ so that they won’t fall foul of local laws. The subjects included are:

What to do before leaving the UK

Importation of motor vehicles

Residency permits

Opening bank accounts and the necessity for doing so.

This information has been drawn from personal experiences of members of the Corfu Forum. If you have not joined the forum we earnestly suggest that you do. There are many people registered who will, and frequently do, provide up to date advice based upon personal experiences. In particular, I would like to single out members Carl and Shelley Daeche who have given permission to reproduce their accounts of their recent relocation to Corfu. (2012).

We would advise all of our readers to check that the information provided has not changed before acting upon it.

Further Information

In addition to the information that we provide on this site, you are urged to check out the British Consul’s website which has a lot of useful information. It can be found here.