Residence Permits

This guide originally appeared on our forum page on 14th February 2012. The original can be accessed here.
There is much discussion about the need for EU residents to obtain a permit and much reluctance from some.  At the time of writing this guide there are certain things that will require you having such a permit and so in the long run it may prove beneficial.  Needless to say that what follows is our experience, from driving over from the UK to starting a new life as retired residents of Corfu.

You will require:

Your Passport – current UK passport and two photocopies (black and white is fine)

Official Passport photos – four photos required

A Greek Bank account showing a dated credit of at least 700 Euros (our was a joint account, may be less for single application but safe than sorry!) two photocopies showing account details and current balance.

Once you are armed with the above you then have to establish which Police station to attend.  As we are living in the North, Agios Martinos, we had to visit the Police station in Karousades.  The times of opening are very flexible and vulnerable to change so be prepared for at least one failed visit.  One tip though is to always be there for 0900, the process takes a good 90 minutes even with the most capable and pleasant officer dealing with you.

They will ask you:

How you entered Greece/Corfu?
Will you be working? (different forms and process then follows)
Are you married?
Parents Christian names?
What village you will be residing in?

They will then complete all the paperwork and computer checks on your details and create a residency card for you.  We were provided with a Cream coloured card – the officer explained that the cream one is for ever, he showed us a Blue one which he said must be renewed every five years.  Once the paperwork is complete he will photocopy the residency permit and ask you to sign it ( along with other self explanatory forms along the way)


You will have to pay 50 cents for each permit (the cost of the stamp on the card)

You are now a resident of Corfu.  This card proved an asset when we imported our car, tax free.

We first visited the Police Station adjacent to Star Bowling on the main road to Corfu town, close to the junction with the port road.  A very friendly officer told us what forms we needed and which station we had to attend.  He even provided the phone number and name of the officer.  The opening times for the Police station, immigration dept are Tues, Thurs and Fri 0900-1200 and weds 1600-1900.

Getting to the main immigration police station Corfu Town.

Park in the car park at the front of Star Bowling.  looking at Star Bowling walk to the right side of it and back along the driveway.  You will see a number of parked cars some Police vehicles, many with flat tyres.  As you reach the building in front of you take the outside stairs up one floor to what looks like the roof.  Turn left to see a door into the station.  When you enter walk straight on and then turn left you will see a seating area and a part glazed door on the right, this is the immigration office.If the door is closed do not stand expectedly outside – you will grow old there, try the door, push hard as it is stiff.  Once inside you will see a counter in front of you.  Stand politely and smile, someone will help you.  Ask for help to get a residency permit, you may get a funny look if you mention alien registration…

I hope this will help – please note that this was stage two of our progress and was completed simultaneously whilst importing the car and opening a joint current account with Visa cards.  I will post further guides as separate threads.