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I'm back! Did ya miss me?


I have returned, as Schwarzenegger once said, to Muse from the Colonies again.  Ive just reread my last  Muse, about the brutal winter, and the birds return.

Now Im writing of their departure, as I write, the starlings are massing for migration, sitting in the treetops, shrieking.  My Bluejays have returned in numbers too, shrieking for peanuts, and sadly, the Hummingbirds have finally departed, for warmer places.

It was an iffy summer here, with regard to the weather, only one day over 30c, which is very unusual. Toronto is on the same latitude as Rome,but didn't enjoy the same temperatures.

My hubby, Pete  the boat builder, repairer, winterizer, doer of odd small jobs on boats, has finished his autumn task, helping to lift, not by himself, boats out of the harbor, for winter storage. They go to a hangar,  up on ' The Mountain' we call it,to be tucked in and forgotten about for six months or so. Summer here is May 24th ro Thanksgiving, movable date, but this year, October 13th.

I have been 'busy' through the summer though. I have been affected by a series of books, now made into a tv series, called Outlander. Do you know of it? Are you one who is grieving for the series, not yet shown in the UK?  The books are wonderful, taking us into Scottish history and on, into The American Revolution. The tv series is extraordinary, in its quality and content.  The hero's not bad either!

But my summer has been spent, when my laptop has worked - do not get me started -  on following the actors, on a site called Pinterest. Do you know it? Very, very addictive, but fascinating.  My sister says we are compiling our personal encyclopaedias. 

We are coming very soon to Halloween, hate the occasion personally. It's legalized begging for children, and a party opportunity for anyone over 12.  Costumes are homemade or store hired, some are amazing, some a case of 'whaaaat'?.  The zombies are the silliest,you can tell Im an old cynic.

Christmas will follow, I love Christmas. We are not allowed to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season, on church signboards. The festivities, displays on homes and in stores are fun, and if it's snowy, all the better, for effect!

So I'll leave, rambled on enough, wanted you to know I'm here, lurking, waiting for inspiration. Good reading folks!.


Welcome back! It sounds as if you keep busy, summer and winter! Our summer wasn't the best where the weather was concerned but we can't complain. We didn't have the overbearing heat that can sometimes become oppressive.

I share your dislike of Halloween and love of Christmas. I never realised that people in the UK celebrated Halloween until we were married and had kids! I always thought of it as something ghastly that we inherited from across the pond! Shows how much I know!

Keep in touch!

kath brian:
A brilliant read, as always!  You never told us the outcome of your daughters buried trailer / caravan following the winter thaw - was all ok?

I too hate Halloween - when we were children we hollowed out turnips and carved/cut out what we thought were ghoulish faces and tried to stand a candle up inside - tied the top with string - which inevitably burnt - making it impossible to carry - all we wanted to do was compare our "creation" with those of our friends - there was never any thought of knocking on peoples doors like children do these days - indeed I'd never heard the expression "trick or treat" until relatively recently.  Had we done that our feet wouldn't have touched the ground once our mother dealt with us.  In hindsight we spent more time in the kitchen doing running repairs than we did outdoors.  I suspect the pumpkins (another import) are far easier to hollow out - must remember to turn off the doorbell on Friday!


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