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04 - An experimental survey of eating out in Roda
« on: June 19, 2012, 12:59:08 PM »
This is the first in a series of posts that might end up being moved as they relate to both Eating out and a resort!

Before we start, we think that it should be understood that as residents of Corfu, we perhaps see things a little differently to those visiting for a holiday, whether that holiday is for a couple of weeks, a couple of months or six months. Yes, some do stay that long! Everyday people tend to save for their holiday and have a budget that they will probably try to stick to reasonably closely. Dare we suggest that this is probably most people's largest outlay most years.

We decided to conduct something of an 'experiment'  this year! Basically, our objective was to visit places that we wouldn't normally and try to see them through the eyes of a visitor, especially the first time visitor.

We have lived in the north-east of Corfu for over ten years and when we eat out there are places that immediately spring to mind. To be honest, Roda is not one of them unless we are passing and want an excellent grill from Dimitris' Grill Room! As one of the forum members pointed out, it is very easy to opt for the safe option and visit somewhere that one is familiar with.

This all started as something of a joke between Trisa and I following a visit by old friends whom we hadn't seen for a couple of years. They had obtained a last minute holiday to Roda at an amazingly low  price.

Our friends are very familiar with Greece in general and Corfu in particular. Roda would not have been on their list of preferred venues but they needed a break and decided to give it a try. I think it fair to say that we would never have considered Roda as a holiday location either but we know many people who love the place and have returned many times.

This got us thinking. We began to wonder what visitors who have never been there before might think of Roda especially if they were perhaps on a limited budget and want nothing more than a beach and somewhere to eat and have a drink in the evening.

It just so happens that Roda is convenient and not too far to travel. Hence it was to come under our scrutiny. We have tried our best to be honest.

We must emphasise a few things. We have no connection with any of the venues visited nor any other for that matter. There are only so many places that we could visit and the fact that we don't mention any specific premises is not to be considered as a reflection upon them. We just wanted to get an idea of what a tourist could expect.

We don't want this to sound 'snobbish' but readers should accept that as permanently resident in Greece we may have differing expectations to those holidaying here, however frequently visits are made. Remember! We are not on holiday. This is real life!

There are certain types of tavernas that we never visited in the days when we were holidaymakers. This still applies. I would sooner eat my own arm than visit a taverna/restaurant advertising karaoke or bingo! We haven't changed our views! A meal, in our opinion, is something to be enjoyed leisurely with good company and good conversation. 'Horses for courses' as they say!

I think it fair to say that Roda only really comes to life during the summer as it is very much geared towards travel and tourism. It consists of a main road in from the main Acharavi to Karousades road, a beach front road and several smaller interesting streets emanating through the older part of the town from both.

It has the expected hotels and holiday apartments both ranging in quality to suit most budgets. The visitor can expect all those facilities normally associated with a holiday resort. Eg. Cash machines, vehicle / cycle hire, and travel agencies / exchange offices. Amongst other attractions, horse riding is available.

The beach is sandy, cleaned daily and safe. Sunbed hire is available. There is also a small harbour.

Let the survey commence!

The first visit was to Alexandros Taverna (Formerly Smiley's). The report can be found here:
The second visit was to Roxanne's Taverna. The report can be found here:
The third place that we visited was Nikos Family Taverna. The report can be found here:
The fourth place that we visited was Petrino's Steki. The report can be found here:
The fifth place that we visited was the Big Ben Bar / Restaurant. The report can be found here:
Our sixth and last place visited was Neo Limani Taverna (New Port Taverna). The report can be found here:

Our Conclusions
We feel certain that visitors coming to places like Roda, particularly on a tight budget could have an enjoyable holiday.

The beach is safe for children and this year, it certainly isn't crowded. For the more adventurous, who perhaps may want to hire transport and explore further afield, Roda is within easy striking distance to anywhere north of Corfu Town.

Eating out is definitely not at the dear end of the market compared to many resorts and it is possible to find a good selection of eating places. Similarly, drinks prices are amongst some of the more reasonable and it should be possible to find most brands of beer under 3 for litre. Some are much cheaper. Spirits vary in price but local spirits such as Metaxa are reasonable and expect much larger measures than would be expected in the UK!

You might not find ancient relics in abundance but there is plenty to keep the holidaymaker occupied.
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