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Postcard from North Corfu (2)
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:22:48 AM »
Further travels around the villages included Karousades, the home of Maggy. What a lovely village it is now I have been around it rather than just pass by on the main road. Some nice buildings, old and new, great views. Several shops> The butcher in particular with his large cutting block in the centre of the shop; I got some steak to add to the BBQ tonight! The Church with a year round Christmas Tree! A Taverna and some Cafe Bars as you enter the village.
Other villages visited were Velonades, Ractades, Dafni, Agros, Vatonies, Pagi (where car chase scenes with teh yellow citroen CV were filmed for teh Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. At teh Bond 007 bar near the split level road Jimmy is still milking it for all he can; photos, model Bond cars, a booklet made with still photos and others from the time of the filming. He even invites customers to see the scenes on from a DVD on his TV inside the bar! This village also has an unfinished Church that has been used only as a cemetary, some of the graves are inside the shell of the Church. Onwards I visited Horepiskopi and Kavalouri. There were also other small villages/settlements passed through. Some are older than others, some bigger, most but not all have a summer cafe/bar or taverna. Some have shops and even schools as well as churches. Many are worth a stop rather than just a drive through as most tourists seem to do.   

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Re: Postcard from North Corfu (2)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 10:11:15 AM »
Excellent review Daveyh, if only all tourists realised there is so much more than beautiful beaches to Corfu.  :)
So many just drive past all these lovely villages.
Life's short, so live it to the full


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