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Postcard from Sidari
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:35:18 AM »
This is where I am based and enjoy my ouzo nights in the bar at Terezas; there have been a few 3:30am finishes this past 10 days.
Around Sidari, it is strolls on the beach or to Canal D"Amour coves for swimming out to the rocks. It is not as busy here as I have known which is a shame for the Tavernas etc. Some even say it is relativly quiet in the Bars of a night time come midnight which is very unusual.
Time has also been spent at the pool here at the appartment, both lazing and swimming.
Yesterday pm I nodded off in the cosy armchair in the shade. Whilst nodding my baseball cap was taken by another regular guest and it ended up on the ducks head, the duck being on a wall near the kiddies pool. When I woke I left and went out in my car without thinking about the cap; the guests all thought I had gone to retrace my earlier 4 hour village visit in a bid to find where I had left it. When I returned I went straight to my room and on the table was my hat with a note........Please do not go out without taking me, you bad boy............attached to it.  ;D ;D ;D
When I then go for a swim with my cap on there is laughter all around the pool area. No more nodding off for me unless in my room. We do have fun here, there are many repeaters in especially this week so we are all on first name terms and get on well. We never meet in the UK, which may held, but we all have a great time when around the pool or in the bar and on occasions like tonights BBQ. 

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Re: Postcard from Sidari
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2013, 09:05:17 AM »

Glad that your holiday is going so well. You have certainly packed a lot in already.

I think that the point that you make about Sidari being quieter than usual is being repeated in other resorts. Kassiopi is quiet and Acharavi doesn't seem that busy. The Hydropolis water park doesn't seem so busy either. (Not that we would go there but kids love it.

I guess on the plus side, if visitors find it quiet and tranquil, many may choose to return. I hope so.

Keep enjoying Corfu.

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