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Lilly Longman's 100 Year Old Recipes
« on: December 23, 2012, 09:23:02 PM »
Lilly Longman’s original 100 year old recipe book contains over 200 traditional Edwardian and Victorian recipes hand written by Lilly when she worked as a scullery maid for a family of extended Royals in London.

The current owner of the book is Alan Taylorson who lives in Acharavi, Corfu.  It has been handed down to him by two generations of his ancestors.  It has been translated into modern day English by Alan Smith who also loves on Corfu.  Alan cooked every recipe in the book, photographed it and created a modern day version of most recipes.

The result is a recipe book with no modern, expensive, fancy recipes, just good wholesome English economic family food - as enjoyed in bygone years and probably fondly remembered by your parents.

Simple to prepare, time saving in preparation and very easy to follow recipes. 

Follow the link below:

Postage for Corfu residents will differ as there is a stock of books on the island.




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